At Lima Engineering we also specialise in cast liners.  Cast liners are ideal when thicker coatings are required (10mm +).

This project was to convert a 7 tonne conventional ball mill (original ceramic tiled liner) to a custom ball mill used to recycle precious metals.

Without this type of liner the ball mill would have worn out very quickly due to the intensity of the process.

  • The ball mill was stripped of the existing liner and all peripheral accessories. Shot blasted internally and externally.
  • Riveted end plates were drilled out and removed.
  • New larger access door were installed.
  • A 8mm thick tough Hardox liner was then dropped into the mill. The gap (20mm) between the new liner and ball mill was then filled with polyurethane.
  • End plates bolted back into position.
  • Spray painted and delivered back to the client.