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Spray on edge banding

We have have been working with a furniture manufacturer to develop a joint free tough alternative to traditional edge banding techniques. Our polyurethane spray process is very quick and provides an extremely tough joint free edge banding that has great bonding properties. It is suited to furniture in harsh environments such as Schools and [...]

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Ball Mill liner replacement

At Lima Engineering we also specialise in cast liners.  Cast liners are ideal when thicker coatings are required (10mm +). This project was to convert a 7 tonne conventional ball mill (original ceramic tiled liner) to a custom ball mill used to recycle precious metals. Without this type of liner the ball mill would have [...]

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Blast cabinet protective lining

This was a project for a well known aerospace company. They approached Lima Engineering after having problems with finding a reliable protection method for their shot blasting cabinet. Shot blasting by nature is an extremely abrasive process so only the toughest protection will survive. For this project we coated 10mm recycled rubber crumb panels [...]

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Coated rubber crumb video

Our high build polyester abrasion restistant coating was used to coat a piece of rubber crumb sheet. The coated piece benefits from the synergy between crumb rubber and tough polymer lining. Due to our unique colour change system, the coating is available in any colour. Pu spray any [...]

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Rubber crumb panels coated in pu

Rubber Crumb is a versatile material that is made from recycled tyres. It exhibits excellent sound deadening properties. Our polyurethane spray coating adds a further level of properties to the material. Pu coating is available in a range of hardnesses and colour. The coating is abrasion resistant, and easy [...]

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Polyurethane spray coating application video

A short video to demonstrate  the various applications of spray polyurethane coatings. (sometimes referred to as plastic spray coating) The cardboard box example demonstrates how we can apply spray onto delicate objects to offer protection and make waterproof.  This is possible because we have developed our own machines that can spray in a very controlled way. Look at [...]

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Abrasion resistant spray lining

The first process of this project was to strip out the old worn out rubber lining from the vessel. Once we had removed the old liner we shot blasted to remove any contamination and the old paint from the external surfaces. The vessel was then attached to a rotary table within an extraction controlled area. [...]

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Wear resistant polyurethane coating

Polyurethane spray for wear resistant applications. Nozzles and shields are spray coated with 5mm of polyurethane to provide extended life and to protect the parent metal. Polyurethane provides a low cost and extremely durable coating and is primarily used to protect against abrasion. These pictures illustrate the many different shapes that we can line and one of the [...]

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