Rubber crumb panels coated in pu

Rubber Crumb is a versatile material that is made from recycled tyres. It exhibits excellent sound deadening properties. Our polyurethane spray coating adds a further level of properties to the material. Pu coating is available in a range of hardnesses and colour. The coating is abrasion resistant, and easy clean.

These pu coated rubber tiles are typically used in areas such as:

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Here are just a few examples:

Chutes and hoppers
Truck beds
Foam products
Vibratory bowls and grinders
Concrete floors and ceilings
Water tanks
Mixers, paddles and scrolls
Bund areas
Electrical cabinets
Agricultural equipment
Blast mitigation

Why choose LimaEnvec?2016-12-13T09:38:30+00:00

We are one of the UKs leading experts in the manufacture of polyurethane products. Our team of engineers are incredibly knowledgeable and will provide you with the correct process to meet your requirements. Unlike some of our competitors, who use off the shelf spray machines, our bespoke machines have been specifically designed to spray fast setting polyurethane and polyurea coatings to a wide array of components. The machines we use ensure there is no delamination, zero defects, 100% mixing, fine smooth surface finish and the ability to produce very thin tough linings.

Our self contained spray area and shot blast booth enables us to prepare and spray items up to 10m x 5m in size.

What materials can polyurethane be sprayed on?2016-12-13T09:36:36+00:00

Virtually any material can be sprayed onto. The process involves cleaning the product and applying a bonding agent if required. When done correctly, the spray coating is extremely difficult to remove.

Examples of the types of material that we have sprayed on are: metal, wood, GRP, fabric, foam, cardboard, concrete, mesh

Why choose polyurethane over rubber?2017-03-31T10:43:16+00:00

Unlike rubber, polyurethane is extremely resistant to abrasion.

Provides high cut and tear resistance

Will not deteriorate when exposed to everyday chemicals, such as oil, petrol and other solvents.

Has a much broader hardness range than rubber

Available in a wide range of colours

Lower cost low pressure tooling as opposed to high pressure rubber tooling. No vulcanisation required

Seamless bonded coating

What are the advantages of using polyurethane?2016-12-13T09:24:05+00:00

Easy to coat and produce complex shapes

Touch dry in 15 seconds

Wide range of hardness and colours

Extremely wear resistant

Doesn’t react with water, fuel and other everyday chemicals

Spray thickness from 1mm to 50mm

Wide choice of colours

Low cost moulds

Extremely fast process

Non sparking

Non conducting

What is polyurethane?2016-12-13T09:23:06+00:00

Polyurethane is classed as a plastic material, which comes in various forms. It can be manufactured to be either flexible and soft (like rubber) or rigid (like hard plastic). Polyurethane is very versatile and can be poured, moulded, cast and sprayed.

  • Polyurea spray coating

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Quick dry

  • Any colour

  • Hardness range (65a-59d)

  • Smooth easy clean surface

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